Camping Area Belocrkvanska jezera - Bela Crkva

Proleterska 2, Glavno jezero 26340 Bela Crkva
01.06. — 15.09.
2 ha
GPS: N 44.893414, E 21.404972

The Camping area ”Belocrkvanska jezera” is situated on the City lake in the very center of Bela Crkva, 100 km east of Belgrade, the regional road from Belgrade via Pancevo and Kovin to Bela Crkva. The capacity of the camp amounts to 100 camping units. The green oasis of a 100-year-old forest, as well as the variety of sport and recreation contents, characterizes this camp. It is very popular among fishermen. There is a small tourist village (32 app.), a fast food restaurant and a store.