Camping Area Borsko jezero - Bor

KKK Bor – Borsko jezero 19210 Bor (Post Box 26)
15.04. — 15.10.
4 ha
GPS: N 44.095291, E 22.009563

The Borsko jezero camping site is located on the beautiful Borsko lake, 250 km away from Belgrade and 15 km away from the miner’s town Bor, on the road Bor – Žagubica. The capacity of the camp amounts to 200 camping units. It has its own beach. In the vicinity one can find a lot of interesting tourist localities like: the Brestovacka spa with mineral water sources, the Gamzigradska spa, the Zlotska cave, the Zlotska river canyon, Stol and Crni vrh mountains and the well known Gornjak monastery.