Camping Area Kalavat - Vrtovac, Stara Planina

Kamping odmoriste Kalavat Stara Planina.
Kalavat, Vrtovac, Stara Planina
01.05. — 31.10.
1 ha
+381 64 124 99 09
+381 64 124 99 09
GPS: N 43.40681, E 22.45833

Camping area Kalavat – eco camp on Stara planina – is located at the foot of the peak Babin zub, in the nature park, on the right bank of Trgoviški Timok, near the village Vrtovac.

The camp is committed to preserving the environment and unity with nature. Away from light pollution, noise and cars, camp guests are offered to enjoy the starry sky, the sounds of nature and splashing in the stream.

The camp has a newly built toilet, kitchen with dining area and “chill zone”, space for daily rest, stay and socializing of campers, but also for organizing lectures, workshops and presentations. In the lower part of the camp there is a small open-air amphitheater. A buffet meal with two or three meals is organized for groups.