Camping Area Filipov breg - Ojkovica, Zlatar

Kamping odmorište Filipov breg, Ojkovica bb, Nova Varoš
Ojkovica bb, Nova Varoš
01.05. — 30.10.
0,5 ha
+381 62 15 35 088
+381 62 15 35 088
GPS: N 43.52275086317786, E 19.87060068512031

Camping area “Filipov breg” is located in the fairytale village of Ojkovica (municipality of Nova Varos), 9 km from the dam Kokin Brod (Zlatarsko Lake) on the road to Jasenovo. – The village of Ojkovica belongs to the Special Nature Reserve “Uvac”.
Resting area capacity: 20 camping pitches for tents. Due to the slight fall of the meadow towards the lake, the positions for the tents have been leveled, so that guests can enjoy their favorite morning a drink or at sunset, which is magnificent on this hill. If guests do not have their own tent, there is the possibility of renting fully equipped tents provided by the resort. There is a shared toilet with showers and sinks with fresh spring water. To prepare your favorite dishes, there are positions of masonry bricks for barbecue, talandara or kettle between the tents – also provided by the campsite.