Gornja Koviljača - Municipality of Loznica

The site is located in the village Gornja Koviljača, the Municipality of Loznica, the County of Mačva. Loznica is the nearest urban settlement (app. 10 km) and the Banja Koviljača is only 3 km away. The location is accessible by the Highway M 19 and a ring macadam road runs through the site itself.

The site Gornja Koviljača has total area of 1.3 ha and it is planned to be established on the site of the former motor camp where there are still some residues of previous infrastructure. The site offers a great view on the River Drina. There is a quay with a promenade along the site as well as the sport courts and a beach. Besides natural attractions, the River Drina and the Mountain Gučevo, a great number of cultural and historical attractions are also available for tourists. The vicinity of the state border and of the Highway M 19, which connects Serbia with Bosnia and Herzegovina, enables the potential camp site to have a transit character.

Additional documentation:

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