Lipovača - Municipality of Šid

Located on south-western slopes of Fruska Gora, on the outskirts of Berkasovo village in the Municipality of Šid, the County of Srem, the potential camping site is approximately half a kilometre away from the Regional Road R 118, 18 km away from the Highway E 70 and app. 5 km away from the Town of Šid.

It belongs to the territory of the Fruška Gora National Park, protected area of 3rd degree, and the land use has been regulated by the Spatial Plan for the Fruška Gora National Park Special-Purpose Area which is valid until 2022. It spreads over about 70 ares of flat terrain surrounded with forest and the access road, on a charming spot within the linden and oak forest, at 100 m from the trim trail.

Additional documentation:

PPPPPN Fruske gore do 2022

PPPPPN Fruske gore_karta

Master plan održivog razvoja Fruške gore