The benefits of camping vs traditional accommodation options

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What is your first thought when it comes to camping? Dirt, bugs, fewer options for maintaining good hygiene? Maybe it’s time to reconsider this unique way of spending time in nature that is proven to have a positive impact on emotional and physical health. You should think of camping as an ideal way to enjoy an array of fulfilling activities such as hiking, swimming or any other sport you enjoy practicing.

Sometimes only taking a deep breath is reason enough to be overwhelmed by feeling of true happiness. While, it can’t be denied that traditional travel accommodation has its own perks, especially nowadays when construction companies in Serbia are only growing, there are still benefits which you can only get by getting close to nature.  

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Health benefits of camping

Believe it or not, there are dozens of significant health benefits from camping. The first comes from the fresh air itself: being surrounded by trees will provide you higher levels of oxygen, and body is capable of functioning with less strain when there’s plenty of oxygen. Research also shows that fresh air can improve blood pressure and digestion, and also gives your immune system an extra boost.

The main reason why camping is so popular is that campers view time spent in nature as time for relaxation and escaping stress. Being outdoors helps alleviate stress and decreases depression and anxiety by up to 71%.

By immersing yourself in the greenery, you will feel more connected to nature in all its simplicity, and that will certainly make you feel like you escaped all the chaos that cities bring into our lives. Besides, there are slighter chances to get annoyed or angry when you are away from Wi-Fi and city crowds.

Speaking of Wi-Fi and cell phones: don’t forget to turn them off! Try to use camping as an opportunity to connect with your inner self and the nature that you’re so rarely surrounded with. While offline, try meditating – research has also proven that meditating in nature is one of the best and simplest ways to improve a number of serious medical conditions.

And let’s not forget about perks of sunshine. Not only does sunshine feel great on your skin, it also provides you with a ton of vitamin D, which allows your body to absorb phosphorous and calcium.

Camping improves socialization

It is perfectly fine and healthy to go camping all by yourself, but bringing along friends or family members will make your trip unforgettable. You will be given the gift of spending time with people you love in a new, unique way. Left in nature with nothing but a bonfire, you will be able to reconnect with people you care about. This kind of time together can’t compare with Imessages and small talk, which are hardly quality conversation. By experiencing camping together, you will be building a happy and healthy relationship. Only by creating memories you make real friends.

Camping includes exercise

The most obvious benefits of camping come from practicing physical activities. It doesn’t even matter which sport are you going to practice, the important thing is that you will finally find yourself in a place where everything you do is some type of exercise. Even if you only walk, or fish, you will definitely burn more calories than you’d burn sitting in some fancy hotel and ordering room service. Every type of outdoor exercise will keep your heart and lungs healthy.

…And after that you’ll finally get a good night’s sleep

By being active for a whole day – which includes walking, biking, hiking, preparing food and making a bonfire – at the end of the day you will feel exhausted. Finally getting that good night’s sleep, you will wake up the next day feeling better than you did in a long time. Also, good sleep has an effect on all of your body processes and can reduce inflammation.

It is not easy getting out from your comfort zone. The current popularity of camping, especially among millennials, can be ascribed to people’s desires to be challenged and do something different. In that vein, it helps that camping is one of the most readily available adrenaline experiences. So, let’s see why it is so popular and, in the process, reap the many benefits that it has in comparison to traditional travel accommodation.