Rajkovo - Municipality of Majdanpek

The potential site Rajkovo is located on The Regional Road R 104 Majdanpek – Donji Milanovac, in the Municipality of Majdanpek, the County of Bor. The Town of Majdanpek is the urban settlement nearest to the site – 4 km away.

The potential site is located in an exceptionally well preserved environment – a large meadow surrounded by forest between the facility “Rajkove livade” and the ski centre and with Rajkova cave only 1 km away (by a hiking trail). The site is half-functional, with dependances, restaurant, parking lot, sport courts etc. There is an area of 50 ares which was designated for camping by the land use plan. Establishing of a camping site is in accordance with the Detailed Regulation Plan of Rajkovo as well as the Spatial Plan of the Municipality of Majdanpek.

Additional documentation:

Prezentacija uredjenja turistickog prostora Rajkovo

Plan detaljne regulacije prostora Rajkovo u Majdanpeku