Dobra - Municipality of Golubac

The site is located in village Dobra on the territory of the National Park Đerdap in the Municipality of Golubac, Braničevski County. It is only 150 meters away from the main Highway M – 25.1, 2 km away from the village centre and 24 km away from the Town of Golubac.

It is situated on the river bank, within the zone of protected nature with an excellent view to the Danube River. The surrounding area offers a wide range of cultural, historical and natural attractions including two hiking trails and the biking route Eurovelo 6. Construction of a camping site on this location is completely in accordance with planning documentation for tourism development. A precise location of a camping site has not been determined by the Spatial Plan for the Special-Purpose Area and the Detailed Regulation Plan for the riverside area of Danube but the zones for tourism and recreation have been defined.

Additional documentation:

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